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One of the great benefits of living in the mountains is the amazing views. How to maximise this in the building design is a challenge that we enjoy, and succeed in delivering through the use of glazed bay windows integrated into the building framework.
For mjd, as architects the enjoyment of the spaces we create is paramount. We work to optimise the building volumes, with a natural tendency to create a spacious environment. This together with a wise choice of appropriate materials – mixing a palette of natural local stone and wood with modern steel or concrete we have always managed to deliver chalets and apartments that feel good, cosy and calm.

Recognising that harmonious design results fromunderstanding and interpreting the architectural intent in the structural form of the project, MJD had the idea of offering combined architectural and engineering services as a multidisciplinary office. The design solutions are worked up in parallel making informed compromises as needed to ensure that the design integrity is maintained, The aim is to find a synthesis between the initial concept, the physical constraints and your budget.

Site supervision is paramount to delivering a project on time, within budgets, without compromising quality. At MJD we have made this our specialty. Not a week goes by without a site meeting of all the players involved to monitor progress, review potential changes, and coordinate the interventions by different contractors.

The interior design choice available has never been greater than it is today. Not going into individual aesthetic tastes , our experience in this field is generally appreciated when it comes to implementing solutions. Our goal is simple: deliver the client’s desired result without nasty surprises.


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